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Specialist drama lessons

As a result of a hugely successful event last November where local primary schools came to Abbot’s Hill for a variety of workshops, Ms Hollie Sparrow Head of Drama, is spending an afternoon every week teaching Year 5 at Nash Mills School.  This will allow the pupils specialist teaching and further collaboration with pupils at Abbot’s Hill.


·        To provide specialist teaching.

·        To promote the sharing of resources.

·        To promote collaboration between staff and pupils at both schools.


Come and Sing was a day of song, dance and drama that involved 90 pupils in November.  This promoted further collaboration between Abbot’s Hill School and Nash Mills, resulting in a specialist drama teacher going over once a week.


Teachers' time and resources included props, scripts and music.


Year 5 pupils are given the opportunity to participate in drama lessons leading to a performance.  The activities introduce them to skills including, dancing, singing, acting, working in a group, perseverance, empathy towards others to name but a few.  The children will also be visiting AHS for a further day of workshops.  

Pupil Involvement

30 Year 5 pupils.


once a week for the academic year 2017-18