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Singing Bonanza

Children from Malvern Parish CofE Primary School joined in a fantastic day of choral music from around the world at Malvern St James's annual Singing Bonanza. A vocal specialist and soprano with the celebrated English choir Ex Cathedra, lent her expertise during three workshops, producing the most amazing sounds. This culminated in a finale concert at the end of the day, when parents were treated to songs in Spanish, Gaelic, Swedish, Polish, French and Swahili. 


The Singing Bonanza event is provided for children of junior schools to give them experience of vocal workshops and performance alongside children from other schools. It is an opportunity for them to benefit from the expertise of a specialist in the field and gain exposure to a diverse mix of choral music styles.


The event called upon the following resources:

  • Administration and organised by the Expressive Arts Administrator
  • Set up and layout of the York Hall by the Estates Department
  • Refreshments during the day for the children and tea for the children, staff and parents  after the performance provided by the Catering Department


It is hoped that the children will gain a richer experience of choral music, improved their singing skills and abilities, and importantly benefit from the shared experience of a large choral workshop format. We hope that through experience gained with a renowned specialist children will gain a greater appreciation of and desire to participate in choral singing.

Pupil Involvement

The event included children aged 5 to 8 years.


This event is held every two years in tandem with its sister event The Orchestral Extravaganza.