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Primary Science Sessions

The Physics Department at Malvern St James has partnered with Malvern Parish CofE Primary School to provide a programme of science sessions for Years 2 through to Year 6. The ongoing programme involves a half hour sessions with Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 covering the topics of light, lenses and the eye. Year 6 have received 2 hour sessions on the topics of forces and motion.

Years 2, 3, 4 and 5
Each session started using the neon laser to look at how light travels in straight lines. Then breaking into small groups the students used 12 Volt ray box sets and Perspex model lenses to observe how lenses can bend and focus light rays. To finish the whole class regrouped to look at a large fluorescence filled globe used to model the human eye. Using a compact light source and corrective lenses they looked at how the eye focusses light onto the retina as well as how lenses can be used to correct short and long sight.

Year 6
The Linear Air Track was used to study forces in a friction free environment; specifically Newton's Laws and discuss how pressure and area were related to force. After a short PowerPoint presentation looking at different sailing ships from a variety of disparate cultures the students broke into small groups to design and test a set of sails made from bamboo, paper and cotton using friction-free air-track gliders. They then re-convened for a competition to find the best sail design by finding the shortest time for their "boat" to sail the length of the linear air track. 


The aims of the programme are to:

  • Share the Malvern St James Physics Department’s resources and expertise with the children of Malvern Parish Primary School
  • further extend and strengthen Malvern St James' relationship with the school, with whom we partner in a variety of projects.


The Physics Department at Malvern St James shared the following resources and equipment with Malvern Parish:

  • Neon laser 
  • 12 Volt ray box sets 
  • Perspex model lenses 
  • Fluorescence filled globe 
  • Compact light source 
  • Corrective lenses 
  • Linear Air Track 
  • Friction-free air-track gliders


The children of Malvern Parish Primary School are able to experience science taught using facilities and equipment that would otherwise not be available to them. This is helping to enhance their learning by bringing Physics curriculum topics to life without their needing to go on excursions.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 7 to 11.


Sessions are planned for each term.