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Neuroscience Lecture & ICL Admissions Workshop

Students from John Masefield High School and The Chase school attended a lecture organised and hosted by Malvern St James given by Neuroscientist at Imperial College London. As well as learning about her latest research work into schizophrenia, students were given a workshop on entry to Imperial College.


The lecture aimed to provide an insight into a fascinating area of Neuroscience to students considering studying similar subjects at University, while the workshop was aimed at any students considering applying to Imperial College, London or any university of similar standing.


Caroline Copeland is an alumna of Malvern St James. The school seeks to encourage its Old Girls to help the next generation of undergraduates in our community by coming back to Malvern and giving lectures and workshops in their particular field of expertise.


The lecture and workshop were organised by our External Relations Manager.


The desired outcomes of this event were to give students the opportunity to hear an academic specialist and expert talk about her research and to provide useable and effective insight into the admissions processes and culture at one of the world’s top universities.

Pupil Involvement

Students involved were Sixth form age.


This event was part of the Malvern St James Lecture Programme which holds similar events throughout the academic year.