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Science in a box

We have 2 boxes: Physics circuits experiments and Biology heart experiments. They include expensive and high quality resources such as data loggers, heart monitors etc which enable primary children to complete a whole range of expriments and research as part of the national curriculum.

They are valuable because they were designed by Biology and Physics specialists at King's and they are ready to use in the classroom, without the expense of the school purchasing the equipment. We loan them to schools for up to 2 weeks each and offer to send a King's teacher out, if further support is needed.


To inspire children about science.

To support and enhance science teaching in primary schools.

To benefit junior age children in maintained schools.


The idea came through discussions with primary schools from disadvantaged areas attending our science day. The teachers suggested that help with experiments and equipment would be a real added bonus. 

The idea of the boxes was from our Head of Science and we started the project in Summer 2016.


2 x teachers' time in planning, buying and collating the resources.

Technicians time in checking and replenishing the boxes on return.

Admin time in organising delivery and collection and diary for their loans to schools.


As at end Jan 18, the boxes have been used on 19 occasions in 14 schools to an average of approximately 50 children per session. The project is ongoing. We have had great feedback in terms of email comments from children and teachers who were delighted with the quality of the "amazing" equipment and the sheer enjoyment of the children participating.

Pupil Involvement

1000 Junior children benefitted.


This is an ongoing project.