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Latin Short course

A Latin short course aimed at widening access to Latin and improving English grammar in primary schools.


The course was designed after discussion with the Head of Oak View Academy who suggested this was one area of expertise which King's could offer state schools where Latin is not taought. The benefits for the children could be measured in improvment in grammar and word construction.

The course runs once per week for 6 weeks and has been delivered to Year 4 children from Oct -Dec 2017..


Latin teacher to plan, resource and deliver the lessons which are in the primary schools.

Travelling time to and from the schools.

Cost of teacher's teaching, travel and planning time



14 Year 4 children at oakview have completed the course and it is due to start at Overhall and Dee Point in Feb 18 with Year 3 and 4 children.

Year 4 teacher;s assessment:  I think the sessions benefitted the children and their grammar skills. Particularly the lesson where they identified nouns and adjectives in Latin, this helped with their understanding of what an adjective and noun is, and helped them to identify these and compare them. The children also benefitted from working on such tasks together in a group, building their social skills. This helped our lower ability children in particular, as the groups were often mixed ability. This helped to ensure some children didn't get left behind, as some struggled more than others. Our Latin lessons went in hand with our topic of the Romans, so the children were able to make connections between the Latin lessons and our topic lessons. The children really enjoyed it and said the lessons were fun and exciting. "


Pupil Involvement

14 x Year 4 pupils at Oak View 

No involvement from our students.


Ongoing project explanded to other schools as indicated.