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RHS Staff volunteer as Governors, Trustees, Board Members and Mentors

RHS staff give their own time and expertise to support schools, charities and local organisations as Volunteers, Governors, Board Members, Mentors and Trustees.


Highlighting the way RHS staff share their knowledge and insight and continue their own learning whilst supporting others so their chosen organisation can benefit.


Current staff engagement for volunteering:

Reverend - Foundation Governor

Deputy Bursar - Governor

Deputy Bursar - Finance Committee

IS Manager - Trustee

Admissions Tutor and Teacher of Mathematics - Governor

Marketing Manager - Parish Councillor

Marketing Manager - Volunteer

Physics Technician - Vice Chair

Receptionist - Committee (UMT Member)

Deputy Head (Pastoral) - Mentor

Deputy Head (Academic) - Governor

International Registrar - Trustee

Head of Community and Alumni Relations -
Board Member and Vice Chair of Customer Insight Committee