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Languages Christmas Market

Our Languages hosted a Languages Christmas market that included our local primary school. To inspire the children in language learning, they all got involved in cookie decorating, singing carols in French and Spanish and writing letters to Santa. 

Joyeux Noel / Feliz navidad!



Inspiring local primary school children in language learning but providing a languages experience that the school does not have expertise in or are able to offer.

It provides a good connection with members of the community that might inspire a young pupil to want to learn a language at senior schoo.


Our languages teacher has a connection with Stutton Primary School.


A few resources were used at no expense to Stutton Primary School. They came for a languages lunchtime experience with our languages staff and Yr 7 & 8 pupils.


Building strong relationships between state and independent sector by offering them experiences that our pupils are enjoying.

Pupil Involvement

80 Boys and girls aged 9-10


Annual event

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