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Resilience and high expectations

The two schools working together so that the RGS can help Kenton to develop confidence and expertise in the maintenance of resilience of learners and high expectations (especially regarding university application), while the RGS can learn much from Kenton with regard to differentiation in the classroom and student/progress tracking.

Initially this project is seen as operating as senior leadership level (academic and pastoral), though both schools would be delighted to see it spread further to include all levels of staff and/or pupils.


Schools are relativelty near-neighbours, with some knowledge of one another. The newly-appointed headteacher of Kenton approached the RGS in mid-2015 with a view to joint working. A good start has been made.


Time! In very busy urban schools the biggest challenge is to find and make the time to get key personell in both schools together. This joint working has few resource or financial implications: it is about meetings of minds and sharing of knowledge, experience, AND expertise.


No assessment yet: we are still exploring the territory and possibilities.

Anticpated outcomes are greater confidence among staff in both schools in the areas where it is sought and, ultimately, improved pupil outcomes.

Pupil Involvement

Secondary phase, both genders. At present, partnership is teacher to teacher, but we have a flexible view of the future development.


Ongoing, likely to grow.