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Professional productions of plays in French and Spanish with Local Schools


Our school has experience with the Onatti Theatre Company and offered it to local schools. Limehurst Academy and Woodbrook Vale School were invited  to see plays tailored to ability ranges performed by native speakers. This was designed to benefit students of all ages who are learning the language and increase learners' motivation by educational entertainment.

The performances are staffed at the proper ratio by our teachers, and attending schools are also accompanied by their own members of staff. We arrange the theatre company's visit, provide the venue, and cover the entire cost of attendance for our guests.

The outcome is measured by an increased motivation on the part of the learners in the audience. The theatre company offers productions in French and Spanish for the whole secondary age range. Our visitors number 20-40 and come from coeducational schools.

This event takes place 2-3 times a year and the event includes a one-hour performance.