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Examination preparation day for AS/2 French

Students from Charnwood College are invited to join an examination preparation day for AS/2 French.


To prepare students for the Advanced Level examinations in French


Loughborough High School originally attended these days at a central location and then decided that hosting them would be practical and useful from its own and from a community partnership/outreach point of view. 


The day is staffed by the proper ratio of our staff and by staff from the other schools. We provide the venue and refreshments, including lunch, for attending teachers. Our students pay full price for the event; students from other schools are subsidised from our partnership/outreach fund.


To the extent that it is possible to measure these, by increased motivation and achievement on the part of the students.

Pupil Involvement

Around 10 students, 16-18 years of age, male and female


Annual one-day event