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Art Classes

We provide a variety of tactile and sensory experiences using clay, paint and printing techniques. The clay experience is a particular favourite as there are no kiln firing or glazing facilities at Ashmount.


At LHS we work closely with the head of KS3 and the art coordinator to link the themes and continue to help and support all pupils by stimulating creativity and imagination. We aim to provide visual, tactile and sensory experiences.

  • Using visual and tactile elements
  • Exploring materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think
  • Improve their control of materials, tools and techniques
  • Experience a different environment


Member of staff has worked with pupils with special educational needs before and wanted to share good practice and facilities.


One member of staff working in the art studios. Materials absorbed into the department budget.


Loughborough High School sixth form pupils volunteering at Ashmount, their artwork being exhibited. Loughborough High School partnership was mentioned in their recent inspection report.

Pupil Involvement

4-6 pupils with special educational needs.


Weekly during Autumn Term until February. One hour per week for a term and a half.