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International Community

A collaborative ceramic piece with Year 5 pupils to be on permanent display at Brookside Primary School


Outreach to a potential feeder school

  • To offer the children a chance to work with clay and glazing pottery that would normally be inaccessible to them due to a lack of facilities
  • To enable the children to work on a group piece that will be displayed at the school and feel a sense of pride and achievement
  • To encourage the children to learn and think about their place in the world and celebrate global diversity


Teacher's own children attend Brookside


One Art and Design teacher from Loughborough High School over two afternoons. It will be done at Brookside but resources from LHS will be used. LHS is supplying the materials.


The success will be measured by the production and installation of a permanent group art piece on the grounds of Brookside Primary School.

Pupil Involvement

Year 5, aged 9 and 10. 28 pupils, boys and girls.


One-off activity, two sessions