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Phab Week – residential activity week for disabled teenagers

For over 40 years, in association with the national charity Phab UK, 40 sixth form pupils from St Helen’s and Merchant Taylors’ Schools have run a residential week for disabled teenagers during the Easter holidays. These disabled teenagers come from the local area in Harrow, Hillingdon and Hertfordshire, from local special schools and Mencap groups. These sixth form pupils and the staff give up their time to create a fun and care-free week for their disabled guests and provide all the guests’ medical care and emotional support, day and night. Phab allows both guests and hosts alike to enjoy spending time with each other, enabling the families of the guests to have a break from what is often 24-hour care. Fundraising events take place throughout the year to raise the £8,000-10,000 required to fund the week. Phab Week itself is packed with fun activities such as flying in aeroplanes, Museum visits, bowling, shopping and theme park trips, as well as communal activities which take place at Merchant Taylors' and St Helen's Schools.