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Independent / State School Governance partnership - Northwood School

Since January 2016, Dr P Arnold (Deputy Head of St Helen's) has been a Governor of Northwood School, serving on the Curriculum Committee as well as the full Governing Body. This has enabled both schools to draw on the other's expertise and experience in a wide range of areas.


To provide stronger governance for Northwood School

To provide the Northwood School Governing body with specific educational and curriculum expertise

Beneficiaries: pupils, staff and leadership team at Northwood School


The Head Teacher of Northwood School visited St Helen's in 2015 to discuss potential partnership activities between the schools. As a result of that meeting, he invited Dr P Arnold to apply to become a Governor of Northwoor School


Time donated by Dr P Arnold for:

Governing Body meetings

Curriculum Committee meetings

Regular visits to Northwood School to support specific academic departments (Sixth Form, Science & English)

Appointments of senior staff at Northwood School

Additional meetings at the request of the Head Teacher

Preparation time for all the above, including SEF / SIP / Head Teacher's Reports / Policy scrutiny and ratification

Annual time commitment estimated at 84 hours pa



Northwood School was inspected in October 2018 and judged "Outstanding"

Impact statement by Mr M Anderson (Head Teacher) January 2018:

The school has benefited greatly from the Deputy Head teacher being a Northwood School governor. This has had a significant impact on strengthening our Governing Body. Not only does he bring his educational expertise to the Governing Body, but his support and challenge has helped the school to reflect on its own performance and its strategic direction. Furthermore, his work as a link governor to English and Science, has proved particularly useful for the respective Heads of Department


Ongoing until 4-year term of office expires