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Governance - Greenfields School

The Development Director at St Helen's School, Ms Z Baines, is an Associate Governor at Greenfields Primary School


To provide specific expertise and skills to the Governing Body of the school

To support and challenge the Head and LT at the school

To create greater partnership between Greenfields Primary School and St Helen’s School. This is part of the St Helen’s outreach programme where we are working to increase our links with local schools at the primary and secondary level in the area.


Identified areas of need at Greenfields so far are:

·         Outdoor provision and resources for EYFS

·         Training in forest school techniques

·         Enhanced resource provision and equipment throughout the school

·         Support to strengthen their reading and literacy programme


Critical factors for success:

·         Effective coordination and ongoing engagement by both schools



·         Pupils and staff at Greenfields Primary

·         St Helen’s School


The Chair of Governors at Greenfields approached St Helen’s to see if there was an opportunity to establish links with the school. He met with the Head at St Helen’s who agreed that this would be a valuable partnership. Following discussion with the Head at St Helen’s Ms Baines volunteered to get involved as a Governor and see if there were opportunities for our two schools to work together and benefit from a mutual partnership.


The main resources that are critical to making a successful partnership are the people on both sides of this partnership and their willingness to make things happen and explore new ideas and opportunities.

Other resources in terms of facilities, staffing and finances are yet to be explored.



To date we have delivered 50 classroom chairs, 3 prep school tables and 15 projectors to the school and are in the process of arranging for the delivery of some music equipment.

We are also looking into the possibility of Greenfields bringing a group of children over to use some of our sports and science facilities during the extended holiday period at St Helen’s, although this has not been finalised yet.

Ms Baines has also arranged for the Head of Prep and EYFY at St Helen’s and the Head and EYFS Lead at Greenfields to meet, and discussions have begun about sharing best practice. We are looking at the possibility of including Greenfields in some of our training that takes place at St Helen’s with a specific focus on mindfulness and forest schooling at the initial stage.

We are in the process of finalising the logistics for a pilot reading project with Greenfields, where Year 12 students from St Helen’s will travel to the school to support the Greenfields students with their reading practice.


Ongoing until expiration of term of office