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Reading support project

Ten girls from year 12 (circa 16 year old) volunteered to visit Greenfields Primary school. They visited the school in small groups during lunch or morning breaks twice a week.

The girls built a rapport with the children and found the role very rewarding. They have asked if they can continue the project next year.

Joanne Evans, Deputy Head at Greenfields, asked the class teachers for feedback. They said they were really happy with everything the girls have been doing and commented how much the children look forward to them coming. The teachers also remarked on how much more confident both the girls and the primary children are together. They have requested we continue the project in September, which we plan to do.


To create greater partnership between Greenfields Primary School and St Helen’s School. This is part of the St Helen’s outreach programme where we are working to increase our links with local schools at the primary and secondary level in the area.

An identified area of need was support to strengthen Greenfields' reading and literacy programme. For the St Helen's pupils this would be an opportunity to use their skills in a real place of work. They would need to be responsible, independent and plan their time.

Pupils and staff at Greenfields Primary
St Helen’s School


Zoe Baines St Helen's Development Director became a Governor at Greenfields in September 2018. Aware of Greenfields acutest needs, she looked at ways St Helen's could provide practical support that would be mutually beneficial. We have provided some school equipment surplus to requirement and have looked at a range of projects.


The school has offered to pay for the girls' bus fares.
Minimal set up or resources required.


Some of the primary children chosen for the project do not have family able to read to them regularly at home. Greenfields class teachers monitored the pupils and have been very happy with the results. All feedback has been very positive.

Our St Helen's pupils have been in the care of Head of Sixth Form Mr Dymock who has checked in with them regularly. They have found the experience very rewarding so much so they would like to continue next term.

Pupil Involvement

St Helen's Year 12 (circa 16 year old)
Greenfields primary year 3 (circa 8 year olds)


On going, during term time, twice a week.