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Partnership with Henley Bank School

Partnership between the two schools to share resources, expertise and experiences.

Projects are being developed at Departmental level currently with all HoDs and SLT being paired up to develop best ideas.

More to come as partnership develops 


To work together to share resources and ideas and improve the outcomes for pupils in both schools.

Critical factors -raising pupil aspiration, developing academic pathways to universities, developing best teaching practice

Immediate beneficiaries teaching staff and pupils in both schools 


Partnership came out of the work by the College Deputy Head who is a Governor at the school


Reources to be established but the College will be offering use of its site and teaching staff for the many projects.

This partnership is at an early stage but will grow. 


Anticipated outcomes

Improved teaching for all

Improved learning for all pupil 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils will be an integral part of this process as we expect to be doing joint activities, lessons etc


Still to be confirmed but we already have two ongoing projects between SEN and also English Departments.