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Musical Partnership

Annually, we invite two local primary schools to take part in a workshop with professional musicians from the Arensky Orchestra.

During COVID lockdown in Spring 2021, St Christopher's hosted the schools virtually with an artistic and musical afternoon from the Iyatra Quartet. 

This included interactive experiences with the musicians, a performance and shared art work created together. 


The aim of the workshop was to allow all pupils to experience musical and artistic experiences whilst in lockdown. 


St Christopher's has a partnership history with both schools and invited them both to participate.


The music department organised the event and hosted the quartet on zoom. This enabled pupils from all three schools to participate in the webinar together. This was an afternoon event. 


The impact was measured from staff, pupil and parent feedback. 

Carlton Primary School 

Thank you St Christopher's! The children at Carlton had a fantastic time taking part in the workshop with the Iyatra Quartet. It enabled them to explore music from a different, more creative angle. They enjoyed the opportunity to respond to the music in their own ways, and the work they produced as a result was varied, personal and expressive. The musicians leading the workshop were great, and kept the children engaged throughout. A big thank you to them, and St Christopher's once again for the opportunity!

Ted Glover, Carlton Primary School 

Pupil Involvement

All primary pupils from all three schools. 


This was a single event.