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Hosting Visiting Theatre or Science Shows for Local Pre-Schools and Nurseries

Kimbolton Prep School hosts a visiting theatre production or science show twice every academic year. These shows are a fantastic opportunity for young children to see live theatre or live science in a familiar environment and without travelling long distances to the nearest town or city's theatre.  Children from 12 local nurseries and pre-schools are invited to watch the performances alongside our Lower Prep pupils (aged 4 to 7).


The project aims to show young children the joy of an live, interactive play or science show without the need to travel long distances to the nearest town or city's theatre.

With a relatively small audience and seating on floor mats, the children are not constrained by formal seating and so can move around during the show if necessary. Parents and carers sit with or behind them on chairs and so enjoy the production too.  For our youngest guests especially - at just 2.5 years old - this makes a welcoming environment in which to experience their first production.


We wanted to increase our youngest pupils' exposure to live theatre and science, without losing curriculum time travelling to a local town or city. We quickly realised that local nurseries and pre-school faced the same issue and that we had the capacity to invite their children to join in, accompanied by either parents or playworkers.

We started this project in March 2016 and have been gradually expanded the number of nurseries and pre-school partners.


Each visit involves the use of the Prep School hall for the entire day plus support from caretaking, catering and other non-academic staff who look after the visitors.

The School funds the theatre visits but there is no cost to the visiting children, families or schools.


Visiting children benefit from early experience of a live show and from interacting with the cast/scientists. They also gain from being amongst a large number of bigger children and in a larger setting than their pre-school or nursery - all good preparation for when they join a school reception class.

Pupil Involvement

Around 90 Kimbolton pupils aged from 4 to 7 plus up to 60 visiting children and 60 visiting adults are involved.


This is an ongoing project, started in March 2016 and repeated every six months.

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