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Helping to Raise the Ambitions of Pupils at Greenfields Primary School, Kettering

Around ten of our Year 10 pupils are paired each year with Year 5 children at Greenfields Primary School, Kettering, with the aim of increasing the Greenfields pupils' resilience.


The aim of the project is to increase the resilience of Year 5 pupils at Greenfields Primary School and to support them over the final two years of their primary education. 

The Kimbolton children gain mentoring and leadership skills as well as the opportunity to make a real difference by acting as role models for younger children.


To quote its latest full OFSTED report, Greenfields has 'a much higher than average proportion of pupils are supported through the pupil premium, which provides additional funding for pupils in local authority care and those known to be eligible for free school meals.'

The primary school approached us to see whether we could assist with a programme of raising aspiration and resilience for its children and families. It wanted to show its pupils what they could achieve with application and hard work.

Formed in January 2016, this project is now in its fifth year and has involved a new set of Kimbolton pupils each year.


Transport, in the form of minibuses or coaches, is critical, as is teaching staff time at both schools.

One Greenfields and two Kimbolton staff are leading the project.

Kimbolton fully funds the lunches and half the transport costs when the Greenfields children undertake an annual visit to our school.

There is no financial contribution involved.


Greenfields staff are keen for the project to continue. A more comprehensive assessment of the impact is scheduled for January 2020.

Pupil Involvement

Around ten Year 10 Kimbolton pupils are selected through an application and interview process and then plan and deliver two 50-minute lessons.

Around 60 Year 5 Greenfields students benefit from the lessons and mentoring.


We anticipate that the three-visit per year cycle (two to Greenfields, one return to Kimbolton) will continue for foreseeable future.