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Combined Cadet Force Partnership with St Peter's School, Huntingdon

One member of staff and up to 15 students from St Peter's School are members of the Navy Section of Kimbolton School's Combined Cadet Force (CCF). They are fully integrated into the Section and complete all activities during the weekly training sessions as well as those conducted at weekends and during school holidays.

The partnership is currently limited to membership of the Navy Section and to 15 students purely for logistical reasons; we also have Army and RAF Sections.


The aim is to extend the benefits of membership of Kimbolton School CCF to students from St Peter's School.


As part of the Government's intial Cadet Expansion Programme - which aims to allow more young people to benefit from the cadet experience in school, and to increase in the number of state schools benefiting from having a cadet force as part of school life - we approached local schools to see whether they would be interested in joining our CCF.  St Peter's School embraced the concept wholeheartedly, choosing to offer it to students undertaking a BTEC in Public Services. St Peter's students first joined oour CCF in September 2011.


We use the School grounds and buildings which include the CCF classrooms, armoury and 25m indoor range. The CCF weapons and equipment are also used. Kimbolton School staff plus one colleague from St Peter's form the officer and warrant officer cadre.

Cadets attend compulsory and voluntary weekend and holiday courses and camps and these are available to all, regardless of their school.


The CCF is inspected regularly under the terms of the MOD's strict regulations.

In terms of impact on the individuals involved, the partnership has provided significant benefits. In 2014-15, a cadet from the St Peter's cohort that first joined in September 2011 was selected not only to lead the Navy Section, but also to be the CCF Lord Lieutenant's Cadet for Cambridgeshire, a highly sought-after honour for any cadet. 

Latterly a group of cadets made up of Kimbolton and St Peter's students represented the CCF at Remebrance Day at the Cenotaph in London and the Royal Albert Hall.

For the Kimbolton students, the opportunity to mix and work closely with their St Peter's peers has broaden their outlook and social circles.

Pupil Involvement

Up to 15 students from Years 10 to 13 plus one member of staff from St Peter's School (who is appointed to sub-lieutenant rank). A similar number from Kimbolton are involved. The St Peter's numbers are constrained by the size of the minibus used to convey them to Kimbolton.

Both schools would like to expand the number of St Peter's students involved; CCF is part of the curriculum for most Kimbolton students so the numbers are linked to year group sizes.


Thursday afternoons (1410-1620) during term time, a training camp in October of three days plus various weekend and holiday activities, courses and camps.