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Governors of State Schools

Several members of the Sherborne Girls' community serve as governors in maintained schools. We have established a formal link with Preston Primary in Yeovil which involves links across a range of disciplines and a member of SLT is a Foundation Director for the Preston Primary Multi-Academy Trust that now includes nine local state schools and the Head is a Trustee on the Sherborne Areas School Trust (SAST) that includes seventeen local state schools.


The appointments have served to consolidate the school's partnerships with maintained schools and provided opportunities to influence their strategic direction as well as to explore areas for further collaboration.   


Governorships have arisen out of existing arrangements and the invitations have come from the maintained school to Sherborne Girls. 


Governorships can play an invaluable role in the consolidation and development of independent-state school partnerships.


Governance at maintained schools is regularly inspected by Ofsted, and governorships must be renewed every four years.

Pupil Involvement



Governors are required to attend an initial training and to adhere to guidelines laid down by the DfE. They are expected to attend a minimum number of meetings, usually a termly Full Governors' meeting and the termly meetings of at least one committee. They are expected to keep up to date with recent developments at the school and attend special occasions, such as prize givings and the school play. They may be asked to sit on exclusion committees and interview panels.