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Gifted and Talented Programme

A number of initiatives have been introduced between The Gryphon School and Sherborne Girls enabling the brightest students to work together. This partnership enables the two schools to help prepare bright Sixth Form students for Oxbridge and Medicine / Veterinary UCAS applications. The pupils meet once a fortnight in the Sixth Form Centre to deliver subject specific presentations and question one another. A Gifted and Talented Quiz for Year 9 students across the two schools has been set up, which has proven extremely popular. It is planned that this cooperation is to be extended to Year 10 and 11 of The Gryphon in the next academic year with the aim being inviting our Yr 9/10/11 scholars to give presentations to pupils from both The Gryphon and Sherborne School (our brother school) on a fortnightly basis, with this possibly being reciprocated during the year. This is already being trialed between Sherborne Girls and Sherborne School, very successfully.


The aim of the project is to provide an opportunity for students from both schools to make high-level academic presentations to one another covering a range of subjects. Staff at The Gryphon have said that by hosting the meetings at Sherborne Girls, their students are taken out of their comfort zone, which is critical preparation for Oxbridge interviews. Sherborne Girls students will also benefit from building links with other students interested in studying similar subjects, communicating with them and from seeing how strong other applicants are. It is hoped that we will build on this partnership in the future, linking students with teachers at the other school for help with reading lists, preparation and interview practice. The foundations for this are in year 9 when we work with the Gifted and Talented students.


A similar scheme had been run in the academic year 2013-2014 and was revived in September 2015. The goal is to encourage students from both schools to have high academic aspirations and to extend their learning beyond the scope of their A Level (or IB) syllabuses, thus preparing them for university applications at the highest level. we want to encourage Gifted and Talented students at both schools to excel.


The only resources required are the Sixth Form Centre at Sherborne Girls and a small budget for tea, coffee and photocopying. Each meeting is attended by at least one member of staff from each school.


Students from both schools are finding the sessions helpful and challenging. The preparation for all the sessions is taken seriously and the students ask testing questions.

Pupil Involvement

We are currently working with Year 12 students (approximately 30 students in total). Next Michaelmas term we plan to have sessions for both L6 and U6 running.


The sessions run throughout the year for an hour a week , and hope to continue them during all three terms.