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Governor at The Holy Family Catholic Primary School

The Head of Science has become a school governor at the school


Moira is Head of Science and a tutor at SCC. She will bring her experience and expertise in academic education to the governing body. She will be on the Currituculm committee.

She has worked in catholic education throughout her career and is a prominent member of our Ministry team, specialising in liturgy. As a governor trained by the diocese she will make a significant contrbution to the spiritual life of the school.


Moira and her family have been parishioners in Welynn garden City for many years. This is another example of her work in the catholic community. 


Moira will be able to attend meeting and events during working hours at SCC. Governors meetings take place periodically throughout the acadmic year.


As stated above, her experience and expertise in Catholic education would be welcomed on any governing body. In particular her knoweldge of implementing charity and liturgy on schools will benefit the student community in their experience of spritual life.


Ongoing throughout the academic year