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Herts School Library Association Committee

SCC Librarian is a member of the Herts School Library Association committee giving her time and advice/knowledge to support school librarians in Hertfordshire by helping to plan training and CPD events.


The aim of the committe is to plan and run CPD events for school librarians in Hertfordshire. The School Library Association has local branches across the UK but there wasn't one established in Hertfordshire and with the Herts School Library Service closing a few years ago there was a need for training for local school librarians. Immeidate beneficiaries are the schools the librarians are from as they have increased knowledge to run the library effectively


SCC Librarian volunteered to be part of the newly formed Herts SLA branch in 2017.


SCC meeting rooms are used to host committee meetings and the SCC Librarian gives her time to attend the meetings as well as time to prepare resources etc for the CPD meetings offered to all school librarians in Herts.


School librarians across Herts are offered the opportunity to attend CPD events and training days which are evaluated after each event. The outcome is increased knowledge of different aspects of working in a school library which would have a positive impact on pupils at different schoools.

Pupil Involvement

This project doesn't involve pupils directly but it would have a positive impact on pupils at the schools the school librarians attending the CPD events are from due to the training offered.


On-going project; committee meeitngs are held approx once every half-term with CPD meetings for school librarians across Herts held 2/3 times a year as well as at least one full training day.