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Drama partnership project with Long Sutton Primary

As part of our Creative Outreach Workshops a group of Performing Arts Scholars worked with the pupils of Long Sutton Primary to create a brilliant short film. The video footage was recorded and edited by one of our LWC 4th Former pupils. 





The aims and objectives of this collaboration were:


  • To share and combine skills and passions (Dance, Drama, Music, Art) with others in an environment that facilitates creativity and expression.
  • To connect LWC’s pupil body with the local community, through the running of workshops that are clearly for the benefit of the wider public.
  • For the experience to be a major way by which we could help our pupils to become leaders who wish to fulfil their potential.  This is achieved by fostering empathy for the needs and views of others.
  • To seize the opportunity to encourage our young people to do something for others willingly and whole heartedly.




There are further Performing Arts Outreach programmes taking place with other local schools where the aims are to achieve LWC’s vision:


To equip pupils with character attributes, passion, resourcefulness, independence, skills, knowledge and qualifications so they can become the best possible version of themselves and make a great contribution to a changing world.