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CCF partnership programme with The Costello School

This is a well established, ongoing weekly partnership to support the CCF training programme of pupils at LWC and The Costello School.



The aim of this project is to give CCF cadets from LWC and Costello the opportunity  to step out of their comfort zone by taking part in various outward bound activities. There is a broad range on offer including mountain biking, hill walking, expeditions, climbing and navigation.




Every Friday LWC and Costello CCF cadets train together at Lord Wandsworth College. There are several external trips throughout the year notbaly the Lake Distruct and Folkestone.The purpose of these trip is to strengthen relationships between our two schools as well as providing an environment for cadets to grow in confidence, build greater resilience and enhance leadership skills.




Staff time is the key resource to enable the success of the project. There is a team of staff from LWC and 2 staff from The Costello School who are involved in the weekly training sessions.