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Author Visits

We work with a company called Silverwood Events to host author visits for local schools. The authors visit our school to talk about their books and explain the process of writing books to the children. Each time we host an event, we invite various primary schools and include our own children too. Sometimes, the authors are more suited to an older audience, so we invite local secondary schools. 

Schools include:

St Paul's, Fensicowles

Ashbridge Independent School
Brinscall St John's
Brabins Endowed


The aim of this project is to ensure that all children have the opportunity to meet different authors and learn about many books in the process. 

To make the event a success, we require schools to attend with their students. They are the beneficiaries along with the staff members. 


We were approched by Silverwood Events to see if we wanted to partner with them to host author visits. We recognised this as a good opportunity to share our resources and facilities with children and staff from other schools. 

We have been hosting these events for four years. 


We require the use of our school theatre to host this event which is critical to the success of it taking place. Non teaching staff (Marketing) help to run the event with Silverwood. 

Other resources are provided by Silverwood but these are minimal. 

This event does not cost anything to host.

Pupil Involvement

Students of all ages, internally and externally, from different year groups are able to attend these events. It is dependent on who the author is and what age group their book caters for.


The events take place throughout each school year.