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Anti-Bullying Week

On the 10th November 2022, a company called OpenView Education came in to lead a Theatre Show and workshops for our school, to prepare us for Anti-Bullying week.

Reception to Year 4 began their day by enjoying an interactive theatre show, where they learnt how we all have the power to reach out and help to stop bullying from happening. They greatly enjoyed the circus skills, puppetry and animations that the show had to offer. One of our Year 1 girls said following the performance: β€œIt was an amazing show! Bullying is really not nice!”

We were also pleased to be able to invite the Year 3 pupils from one of our Partnership Schools – Richard Cobden. They were then also able to spend some time with our Year 3 girls after the show to get to know them better.


A focus on bullying - the definition and how we can act to tackle it. The theme this year was Reach Out.


The event took place in the main hall at The Cavendish School