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A Mural for The Winch

The SASH (Service and Action at South Hampstead) team identified The Winch as a charity they wanted to support this year.

They met with key people in the charity, and after discussion and collaboration, agreed to design and create a panel for one of the reading rooms. They visited the site as a team, took measurements, and discussed colour scheme with our partner. Back at school, they liaised with our Director of Finance and Operations to discuss funding, organised a campaign to raise funds to buy the panel and the paint, and worked with the Art and DT department to decide on the best resources. The Team meet every Thursday to continue the work on the panel, which will be ready by the end of the summer term.

This will be followed by a reflection exercise, involving The Winch to make sure the end product meets their expectations. Girls will also reflect on their organisation and communication skills, on their team work, and on possible adjustements to make for next year.


To support our local community.

For our students to learn new skills: research, communication, budgeting, planning, design.

For The Winch's reading room to be more colourful for the visiting families.

Pupil Involvement

The project is open to all students. We have participants in Y7, Y9 and Y12.


The team meet weekly. We are hoping to complete the project by the end of June.