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Schools Community Action GroupĀ 

The Schools Community Action Group is an ISC advisory expert group that has been in existence for over 40 years and brings teachers together who are involved with all forms of community action and service learning in state and independent schools.

The primary purpose of the group is to bring like-minded teachers together to discuss practice relating to students' engagement in community activities, with the aims of advancing the learning of students in the process of service engagement and increasing community impact. The group regularly advises on government and DfE consultations and policy-making.

The group holds an annual conference alongside regular meet-ups both online and in person. In 2020, the group expanded its membership considerably to teachers from over 60 schools, and now has introduced five sub-groups in charitable engagement, global partnerships, curriculum development, local partnerships, and social entrepreneurship.

This is an open group, and anyone who wants to join the group can fill out this survey and you can follow the work of the group on Twitter @schools_action

Information on up coming events can be found here.