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How to get involved in a school partnership

Find a partner school

Successful projects and partnerships are nearly always formed as a result of enthusiastic school leaders seeing an opportunity and being committed to doing what they can to lead a successful project or partnership.

One of the best ways to start is to contact other schools in your area to discuss ideas. School contact details can be found on the government website 'get information about schools', as well as on the Independent Schools Council (ISC) website ISC school search, which can be used to find ISC independent schools.

Setting up school partnerships

The Systems Partnerships Unit, at the Department for Education, has released information for schools and universities on sharing expertise and resources, to improve educational outcomes and opportunities for young people. Their resources can be found here.

Best practice

Read about other school partnerships for ideas. The best practice section is available here and contains examples of many different types of partnerships, allowing you to select the types you are most interested in finding out about.

Become a school Governor

Governors for Schools exists to improve educational standards so that children and young people have the chance to realise their full potential. They aim to provide excellent recruitment, placement and training services for skilled and committed people to be highly effective governors and trustees of schools and multi-academy trusts. If you are interested in becoming a school Governor you can apply through the Governors for schools website.

Become a coordinator for the National Citizen Service (NCS)

The NCS is opening up opportunities for more schools to be involved in its growing 'NCS coordinator initiative’. Currently, there are over 300 NCS coordinators nationwide in both the state and independent sectors. They work to support students participating in the programme and contribute to a national and regional best practice network facilitated by the NCS. Coordinators take part in a comprehensive training and development programme and have the chance to share best practice with local schools. The NCS can also provide funding to facilitate this role as part of an additional responsibility for staff.

Government resources for setting up school partnerships

Information on sharing expertise and resources from is available here.