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Y12 Student Exchange

12 pupils (six from St Paul's and six from APA) spending a day in each other's school to take part in lessons and feedback on different teaching & learning styles.


An opportunity for both schools (students and teachers) to see ourselves through a new lens.

A chance for pupils to work together and share good practice and aspirations. For the more academically able APA, it was also an opportunity for strech and challenge in a different setting.


SPS & APA have been working together for several years on a variety of partnership projects. This was identifed as a need by the head of sixth form at APA.


No financial contribution needed. Teacher CPD was included in this with mutual observations happening at the same time.


Feedback after each session via google form 

Pupil Involvement

6 boys from each school (Y12)


This has occurred one during the academic year. There is scope to repeat it each term.