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Model UN

·      Model United Nations is a student debating activity, which follows the format of a United Nations assembly.  Delegations take the role of individual countries, and work together in committees to debate and resolve a range of different topics. 


Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations, where a huge variety of subjects can be debated and explored on the level of global diplomacy. Each participant acts as a delegate or representative from one nation, and promotes that nation’s viewpoint as well as coming together with other delegates to seek a practicable solution to the world’s most important questions. A Model UN conference, like the actual United Nations, is divided into several committees, in which each nation has one delegate. Every committee is responsible for a set of topics, such as the mitigation of terrorism or the statues of refugees.


Both teaching and non teaching staff facilitate the smooth running of the course

The cost of the conference, which includes light refreshments, and lunch on Saturday, is £35 per delegate and £20 per advisor. Some limited bursarial support for schools in the maintained sector is available.