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Wildlife & Conservation Project/Olpalagilagi Community Primary School

Students work with pupils and staff of Olpalagilagi Community Primary School in Kenya bringing new teaching ideas and methods through funding small projects to benefit the school. Gresham's pupils get a real insight into a very different way of life, learning about the Maasai people and their culture.


To work with the pupils and staff of the Maasai school, bringing new teaching ideas and methods, resources etc. 

To support through funding, small projects to benefit the School.

Annually monitor wildlife in the Conservancy, mapping and comparing changes seen over a 10 year period from the establishment of the Conservancy.  


This project was formed through a link with a parent.  Established now for 3 years.


Funds for materials for teaching and to develop other aspects of the school environment e.g. more desks, a fence to protect against wildlife, more trees etc.  Gresham's pupils are working towards participating tp this project by running an annual dog show to raise funds.  Several teaching staff support this project by taking a group of students to Kenya in June every year,  Parents contribute to the cost of this trip.  This trip is usually for 10 days or so and includes up to 10 students.


Improvement in facilities in the Kenyan school.  Since the project started we have helped establish a clean water supply and a grove of trees to provide shade.

Pupil Involvement

10 Gresham's pupils from Year 12.


Once a year for around 10 days.  This project is likely to be ongoing.