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Ormiston Venture Academy

Gresham's has a long-standing link with Ormiston Venture Academy (OVA) which facilitates pupil visits to Gresham's


To encourage OVA pupils to apply for the Scholarship that is available each year to one OVA pupil and to encourage OVA pupils to continue their education beyond Year 11 because OVA has no Sixth Form.  The beneficiaries are those pupils who take up the opportunities provided but also the staff, who meet their counterparts and share ideas and expertise on things like SEND, Design, Art, Drama and data management.  This, ultimately, helps to facilitate an improvement in teaching and learning. 


The project has been established for many years now and was set up to provide opportunities and raise ambition for pupils who might otherwise not be able to afford a Gresham's education.  It has grown beyond this first concept.