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Westminster/Imperial Science lectures with Chelsea Academy

An annual series of three to four lectures held at Westminster School in the Play (Michaelmas) Term, delivered by academics from Imperial College. All of our partner secondary schools and academies are invited, many of them from our summer school. This is therefore a summer school linked item. This year over 150 formal invitations to Heads, Heads of Sixth Form and Heads of Science of our partner state schools and academies were sent out and summer school pupils were contacted by Facebook and Twitter. The average pupil attendance was 60-90 pupils. Those who sent the most pupils were Chelsea Academy, Greycoat Hospital School, Pimlico Academy and Harris Westminster Sixth Form.


Critical factors were contacts at Imperial and the funding to put on the annual series of lectures, which came from Westminster School. Also the enthusiasm to open up the academic experience of hearing from some of the country's leading science academics to local state schools, with whom we had a link due to the summer school.


 Running for six years.


All held at Westminster School. The Westminster School community is of course also invited.


Three to four lectures held over the Michaelmas Term starting at 5.30pm.

Project is annual and ongoing.