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Linacre Institute Westminster Summer School

Westminster School has assisted the Institute in providing accommodation for their week-long London Summer School and Westminster teachers to provide academic tuition and guidance for Higher Education. In 2018, 29 Year 12 (going into Year 13) pupils were involved in the summer school and three members of staff as part of the Reach Higher Programme studying subjects from Maths to Law. Pupils are drawn from several schools/academies including: Wales High School Sheffield, Neverthorpe School Chesterfield, Hall Cross Academy Doncaster, Ossett Academy W Yorks, Chapeltown Academy Sheffield, Ashington High School Northumberland.


To support the Linacre Institute in fulfilling its aims and objectives and specifically to encourage students from disadvantaged communities in the North of England, coming from under-represented backgrounds in Higher Education, to consider it.


Richard Kowenicki, a member of the Westminster School teaching staff and Housemaster had become involved in the Institute's activities and suggested Westminster may play a role in supporting the Summer School. This has been a successful project and the School is continuinug to offer its full support.


20 boarding rooms on a full-board basis, school classrooms and Westminster School teaching staff.


All pupils taking part come from schools in the bottom 20% in the country for access to the elite UK universities. All schools were in areas that are in the top 10% in the UK index of mulitple measures of deprivation. In 2018/19, 22 pupils who had attended the Summer School applied to Oxford and Cambridge, with ten receiving offers. A further 28 have received offers from Russell Group Universities. In the five years since it started its operations, an independent study by UCAS has shown the impact to be 'very significantly high'

Pupil Involvement

Year 12.


29 pupils.



One-off, annual, week-long summer school.