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Use of Forest School

Handcross Primary School asked if they could make use of our Forest School facilities once a week, during summer term for groups of pupils. 


Handcross Primary had been using Nymans Gardens (National Trust) for Forest School lessons, but this invloved a long walk from their school to the venue.

We were able to offer a closer alternative. 

The children at Handcross Primary School will benefit from spending more time in Forest School, as opposed to travelling to venue.


Initial approach came from Head of Handcross Primary School (Gill Pederesen)

They had heard about our Forest School

We have been helping Handcross Primary school with use of our facilities for many years



Use of our Forest School and woodland.

Handcross Primary have hired their own Forest Schol teacher (Steve Tilling)

Once a week during summer term, monring and afternoon session (28 sessions) 

No charge

Pupil Involvement

No involvement from Handcross Park pupils


This is the first time we have set up this arramgement, if all runs smoothly we anticipate it being repeated in the future