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Ms Joanne Sharrock (Head Teacher)

Boys - age range:

Day: 3 to 13

Girls - age range:

Day: 3 to 18


433 pupils

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  • Shrewsbury High School GDST
  • Oxon CofE Primary School, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury
  • Performing arts and music
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Oxbridge conference


  • Shrewsbury High School GDST
  • Local state and independent schools in the area
  • Academic
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Gym Tots


  • Shrewsbury High School GDST
  • Gym Tots
  • Sport/DofE/cadets
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Impact of partnership work done in 2019 (ISC annual Census 2020)

  • 41 state schools involved
  • 500+ state school pupils involved
  • 300 staff hours given

*Please note, data shown here is from the 2020 Census for partnerships in 2019, rather than from the 2021 Census. This is due to the impact of COVID-19 on full year collection for 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools to put some partnership projects on hold until restrictions are eased.

Impact Statement

The school has won a variety of national awards for its partnership and outreach work with schools across Shropshire.

With state primary schools, our Computing and Coding programme in partnership with 6 maintained primaries every year since 2013 has enabled the delivery of programming and coding requirements of the Key Stage 2 curriculum which the primaries would be unable to deliver themselves due to equipment and specialist staff shortages. We also delivered a beginners Key Stage 2 French programme to 3 maintained primary schools per year to once again fill a gap they found difficult to manage in their teaching due to funding and specialist staffing. We have this year started a High 5 netball programme with 4 local primaries involving their KS2 children which allows them to access our facilities and specially trained staff. At our Prep School, we host a variety of sporting events open to local primary schools in football, netball, cricket and cross country. This allows local primary schools to access our specially trained staff and excellent facilities which many do not have available. We host a ‘Maths in Motion’ event which attracts pupils from 14 local primary schools to take part in a day long maths workshop and competition. Each week, Gym Tots and Dance Tots classes are offered to the local community which is very popular with pre-school children and their parents. Market research showed that there was nothing similar being offered in the vicinity of the school for children of this age.

The school’s Bio-medical Conference and Programme mentors and prepares approximately 70 maintained sector students between 14-17 every year for applications to medicine and related fields. For the first time, this year we offered a Careers In Law Conference for the same age group supported by the University of Law, Chester when 20+ local state school / college students attended as well as our own girls. Last year also saw our bi-annual Careers Convention with over 60 employers and universities represented. We opened this up to local state school and college students and over 300 students and their parents attended. As part of a collaboration with the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, for two years we have run a GCSE Masterclass Art Workshop with well-known artists such as a local Portrait Artist which is open to Year 11 students at our local state secondary schools.

Furthermore, in partnership with local maintained schools SHS provides, with Cambridge and Oxbridge universities, a free Oxbridge Access event to educate children across the county in applications and preparation for these universities as part of the universities’ social mobility and access programmes. Linked to this programme, we ran a follow up event (‘Lecturefest’) which was designed to stretch and enrich students by offering a selection of subject specific lectures delivered by academics invited into the school.

SHS provides all of these services free of charge and has secured funding for them from independent organisations and trusts.
  • Academic scholarships
  • All Rounder awards
  • Art scholarships
  • Drama scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Science/Technology scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Sibling discounts
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils
  • Lump sum payment discounts