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Biomedical Society - Medic Mondays

To support students at Shrewsbury High School and local state schools considering careers in biomedical sciences. This includes medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing, biomedical sciences etc. Monthly lectures after school are open to all with lunchtime activities for Shrewsbury High School students aged from year 10 to 13.


The project was intended to inform and educate pupils about careers in Biomedical sciences and to enrich biology teaching.
The factors for success include the willingness of local doctors, vets etc to deliver talks and lectures and some funding for expenses and gifts?
The beneficiaries are the pupils aged between 15-18 at Shrewsbury High School and at local schools considering careers in Biomedicine.


The partnership came about when a teacher at Shrewsbury High School who set up an ‘Above and beyond’ lecture program as an enrichment for the gifted and talented students at Shrewsbury High School. The teacher offered medical lectures and invited some external speakers.
He recognised the interest and demand and saw the potential to link up with local state schools.
It has been established for 4 years.


The willingness of the parents and local NHS staff, vets and alumni.
The lectures take place using the school lecture facilities.
The Shrewsbury High School teacher is the lead for the lectures and delivers the lunchtime sessions, the meeting are 45mins long and they also require 45mins of planning. The medic Monday lectures require correspondence to relevant people which the biomedical committee assist with.
The is no financial contributions from pupils.


The is a write to performed by the biomedical committee of the lecture which take place. This
assessment is carried out after each monthly lecture.

Pupil Involvement

The biomedical committee at Shrewsbury High School help to plan the program, write to speakers and present gifts.

This project is for 15-18 year olds.
Mixed gender for the lectures.


Ongoing Medic Monday every month. This event will continue.