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The Primary Science Programme

Partner state schools also include: St Mary's Ely, Histon and Impington Junior and Downham Feoffees Primary.

The Primary Science Programme, funded by SHINE and The Chemistry Network, is focused on Year 6 students from three local primary schools.  The events are run on Saturday mornings and are designed to provide, enrich and enthuse opportunities across the whole of science.


Provide enthuse and enrich activities in science thereby raising students interest and attainment in science. Targeted at the transition year – Year 6.


The programme in the current format started at the beginning of the last academic year.

It follows the SHINE programme.


It uses the King's Ely science facilities and is led by former Chemistry Teacher and now Partnership Coordinator. The program is run using residual funding from the SHINE programme (with a little from The Chemistry Network residual funding). This is funding driven – this year funding has allowed for 10 events.

Pupil Involvement

Year 6 (10/11 years of age) - boys and girls.


Events are held on Saturday mornings.