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Symphonic Sundays & Sinfonia

Symphonic Sundays: we gather together a scratch orchestra three times during the academic year to rehearse and then perform.

Anyone from the local community is welcome to join in with just grade 3 or above and up to age 14 years of age. 

Sinfonia - Runnign in paralle to 'Symphonic Sundays' for absolute beginners. 


Our aim is to provide an ensemble/ orchestra experience for the wider community open to any student up to the age of 14 with grade 3 or above.

Many local orchestras are aimed at older pupils; we want to fill the void for the younger and less qualified members of our local community.

We hope to produce a good level of music with all the different instruments required to make a full orchestra, supporting each child's individual lessons and helping them develop their musical talent. It is also an opportunity for pupils to make friends, through music, outside their usual group, and to encourage them in their musical learning.

We hope to benefit those pupils who do not have the opportunity to play in ensembles and groups at schools, but also to help out these schools by providing a platform for their pupils.


Maria McKenzie, our Director of Music, had the idea to create these orchestral sessions after visiting state junior and prep schools in the Summer holidays; the idea of an inclusive orchestra for all seemed like a good one! Symphonic Sundays began in 2019

Many local music groups that rehearse frequently are chargeable; ours is free to all. 

In 2022-23 Maria has added a 'Sinfonia' programme to capture and cater for a largely younger group of total beginners. 


Shrewsbury School music staff are on hand at the rehearsals - full time staff plus some of our peripatetic visiting staff.

We have a large hall with orchestral chairs and stands ready to use at all times. Our first rehearsal will be in the Maidment building, and then we will judge numbers attending.

We have plenty of music we can choose from - fun being the main criteria!

Refreshments will be provided for all those attending.



The orchestra will hopefully make qualitative gains over the year (each student will be asked to sign up to all three days for continuity and maximum individual gain).

We also hope to attract new students during and at the beginning of each year.

We look forward to seeing students enjoying each session, making new friends and responding positively to this new environment. However, we will also be asking parents to give written feedback at the end of each session in order to establish what impact the orchestra is having on their child.

The possibility of finding new musical rising stars is clearly exciting. We can help these pupils to find good support for their talents and encourage them to continue.

Pupil Involvement

We currently have c70 pupils regsitered, aged from 7 to 14 years.


We will host 3 Sunday rehearsals each academic year (2 during Coach Weekends and one in the Summer Term). From 2-5pm.

We hope this initiatiatve will continue to grow into the future.