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Oxbridge Preparation Support

We open our Oxbridge preparation sessions, e.g. UCAS and Higher Education talks, to local students from the state sector and help individual pupils with subject-specific guidance.



We aim to help pupils interested in applying to Oxbridge by inviting them to our UCAS and Higher Education talks specific to Oxbridge. Heads of Faculties and teachers also offer one to one or small group subject specific tutorials and mentoring. 

We have tried to support schools which have relatively little experience of preparing students for Oxbridge or experience of the application process. 


There has been both formal and informal mentoring of local state school pupils for several years by members of our teaching staff.

A state school within the county opened a Sixth Form and over time has sought to work with us more closely to better provide appropriate guidance to students considering Oxbridge courses.


Our Higher Education Advisor and Head of Futures are both key in delivering talks and offering advice on the application process.

Individual Heads of Faculties offer one-to-one or small group tutorials. Recently subjects have included Geography, Science (Veterinary & Medicine), Natural science, English, History, Mathematics, Computer Science, History of Art and MFL. 

This year we are fortunate to have secured a visit from an admissions officer from Cambridge University - this event is open to state schools in the county. 


Pupils benefit from advice on pursuing independent extra study to strengthen applications.

Where appropriate additional support has been given to students completing their UCAS applications, in particular their personal statements.

We look to provide interview practice and broader careers advice.  Our students also benefit reciprocally from extra interview practice and meeting other like minded students.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from year 11 may express an interest in applying to Oxbridge and therefore come to our lectures and advice sessions here at school.

Year 12 pupils will benefit from the formal process we have in place to assist those applying to Oxbridge.

Some apply post A level and are therefore 18-19 years old.

Most years we assist in the region of a dozen students.


We will continue to offer this level of support and tutoring to those pupils from other schools who are keen and able.