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Refugee Homework Club

Three of our students set up a homework club for refugee children in local state schools in 2019. It continues each year, now under the wings of senior volunteers. 

Pupils will be in years 6 to 10. It will also allow the children to develop their English skills both orally and written, and provide other social and cultural opportunities to further help welcome them to the town and surroundings. 


We aim to enable local refugee children to improve the quality of their oral and written English, to support their integration into the local community and to improve their academic progress and have fun!

We hope to forge strong connections with those in the local community who need help and have a sustained number of attendees.


Our Charities Organiser made a connection with Shropshire Supports Refugees and set up the programme.


We simply use a classroom or boarding house and provide some refreshments. We provide this from our volunteering budget.


We aim to get feedback from the pupils themselves and hopefully see and hear their improvement in English as well as working hard with them on their maths skills. 

Pupil Involvement

An average 12 refugees are involved in this from the ages 11 to 15 with up to 15 of our students helping them. Most of the refugees are from Syria, but also Afghanistan and now Ukraine. 


This happens for 1 hour every week during school term time, on Thursday afternoons.