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Swimming lessons for local primary schools

Sidcot Sports Centre provide swimming lessons for a number of local Primary Schools throughout the school year. With exclusive use of our swimming pool, our teachers & coaches ensure that all swimmers become confident in the water and develop a love for the pool. 


To provide specialist coaching to a range of abilities and to overcome any non-swimmers’ fears of the water. To build water confidence and achieve the 25m distance swim. 


The number of our external Primary School lessons have increased over the last few years, due to an increase in pool time and a range of swimming teachers.


Each lesson is split between 2 or 3 swimming teachers in order to give appropriate teaching to meet each pupils’ needs. 


Swimming pool & sports centre waiting space in order for schools to bring multiple classes on rotations.

Use of swimming teachers and lifeguards for each session


DfE funding for individual schools for swimming provision. 


Initial assessment of swimmers during first lesson determines number of groups and assessment of abilities. Teachers to focus on non-swimmers achieving confidence and if possible 25m swim. Benefits to individual water safety.

Ongoing assessment throughout course of lessons, adapting lessons to suit all.


National Curriculum aims – 25m swim & water safety

Pupil Involvement

Local schools currently booking with us:

Locking Primary School

Windwhistle Primary School

Bournville Primary School

Sandford Primary School

Winscombe Primary School

Banwell Primary School


From years 1-6. 


Weekly term time lessons.


Each schools’ year groups and lesson times vary from 30 minutes- 1hour lessons, from 6 weeks a year, to all year based on sport premium and their choice of year groups.