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Bell Ringing at Winscombe

Every Thursday evening in term time, we take our student bell ringers to St James the Great, Winscombe, to join in the tower’s regular practice night.


Aims: Developing student skills and experience 

Identified need: we provide activities for our students which engage them with the local community 

Critical factors for success: we have a group of students who attend regularly and are progressing.  

Immediate beneficiaries and beneficiaries in the wider community: fostering relationships between the school and the community. Several members of the Winscombe tower bell ringers have previous relationships with the school.


How the project or partnership came about: As a keen bell ringer, a teacher offered the opportunity to students. That was seven years ago, and it’s still going strong. 

How the opportunity was identified and by whom: Andy Darvill, physics teacher (+ see above for reason. Sheesh, how many different ways can this questionnaire ask the same question?) 

Length of time the partnership has been established: 7 years


Resources critical to the success of the project or partnership: school transport, welcoming attitude by Winscombe tower. 

Use of school facilities: transport 

Use of teaching or non-teaching staff: 1 teacher 

Number of resources required and length of time used: I do not understand this question in this context! 

Financial contribution: termly donation to tower funds, similar to what would happen when a visiting band of ringers uses the tower for an equivalent time.


Qualitative or quantitative assessment of the benefits of the activity: student confidence, transferrable skills = resilience, teamwork, concentration. 

Frequency of assessment: ongoing 

Anticipated outcomes: continued progress

Pupil Involvement

Involvement of pupils from your school: currently four regular students attend each week. 

Involvement of your partner's pupils: we mingle with their ringers and learners. 

Ages and gender of pupils involved, if relevant: any age from junior school to 6th form would work. Currently we have 3 x y10 + 1 x y13.


Single event or on-going project: ongoing 

How often the project will be repeated: continuously in term time.