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Supporting State Schools - Hybrid Learning

The Head of Oswestry School’s Prep Department, has been training teachers in Nottingham to deliver effective online learning.

Following the success of the school’s online teaching provision during lockdown we were approached by the Education Improvement Service for Nottinghamshire Local Authority to explain how Oswestry School has used the Google platform to support effective learning and pastoral wellbeing for pupils both in school and at home during the COVID crisis.

We presented the school’s hybrid learning approach to Headteachers working throughout the country of Nottingham who lead and support change in schools.

Sharing our expertise, we showed that there is enormous potential in using key platforms to develop technological competencies that are becoming vital skills for the workplace.

With Education in an incredibly exciting phase of technological development; what we harness, supports learners at home, but it is also starting to revolutionise the way we deliver learning in the day to day classroom.

The Nottinghamshire development group of Headteachers are there to lead the way for other schools in their county and it was a privilege to share just how much we have achieved to facilitate the learning and pastoral support of children working at home.


To share expertise and understanding of hybrid learning.

To support Headteachers of schools in Nottinghamshire to understand practical approaches to developing blended and hybrid learning.


Nottinghamshire Local Authority approached the school following informal discussions around good practice during COVID Lockdown.


Single event but with opportunities to continue to work with interested schools in the future.