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Community Outreach

Oswestry Community Games

The project aims to bring the community together through sports. This event takes place in the Town Park in Oswestry. The aim of this outreach initiative is to unify schools, families and the sporting the community of Oswestry. This event is held annually.

Christmas Lighting Ceremony

Local schools sing for the General Public at a whole community open air event. This benefits the community as all schools are involved. Approximately 25 children attend

The aims of this project are to strengthen our links with the community and create awareness with the pupils of the importance of music/performing arts in the community

High Lea Residential Home

The Music in the Community outreach initiative, benefits both school and residents as children are improving social skills and awareness within the community. The residents benefit from variations in daily routine (approximately 35 children attend).

The aim of this project is to strengthen our links with the older members of the community as well as entertaining the residents. Additionally, creating pupil awareness of the importance of music/performing arts in the community

Oswestry in Bloom

Oswestry in Bloom is a Committee comprising of a limited number of individuals who work tirelessly to improve the visual appearance and quality of life of the locals and visitors to Oswestry. The aim is to enhance the beauty of Oswestry by aesthetically improving buildings through the use of blooms.

This was formed through the school's outreach initiative and is held annually.